'Life can sometimes feel like we are caught in a raging river, trying to stay afloat, with debris and mud all around us. This represent our thoughts, feelings and sensations overwhelming us, as we are carried downstream. Counselling can offer a 'lifeline' to help you climb out of the river, shake yourself off, and observe more objectively from the bank.

I firmly believe that basing counselling in natural environments can assist with the overall process. Whether it is sitting outside in the garden or going for a walk, the ‘openness’ and freedom can add an extra dimension to the activity. Walking shoulder to shoulder whilst talking can seem less ‘claustrophobic’ to some people, compared with being face-to-face indoors. I believe that this is true for many people and may be particularly beneficial for men's health. 


I have worked with young people and adults as an outdoor teacher, all my life. Over the years I noticed that being in nature seemed to have a calming effect on people, helping them to refocus on what was happening in their life. Through this I became interested in mental health, so re-trained as a Counseller, in order to combine my passion for the outdoors with helping people.  

I was trained and work with a ‘Person-Centred’ approach to counselling. The belief here is that you are the expert on yourself, and therefore capable of achieving growth and resolving problems. We will work collaboratively to form a therapeutic relationship, in order to gain clarity on your situation. I provide a safe space for you to voice your needs and concerns. In the ‘Resources’ section, there is more information on the different types of approaches in Counselling. 

I have a Dip. H.E in Counselling, a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and a P.G.C.E. in Outdoor Education and Geography. I belong to the British Association of Counsellers and Psychotherapists and abide by their rules and ethical framework.

It can be very scary to take the first step to seek counselling, and you have made a brave decision to get this far. If you have any questions, doubts or fears, please look at the FAQ page and then send me a message. Or just call me straight away to arrange an informal chat.

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