I am offering various ways of conducting counselling, all of which are outlined below. Sessions last for one hour, and this may include a short period at the end to simply sit and reflect, have a cup of tea or return to your car after a walk. The cost is €50 per hour for all types of session. I wouldn't want cost to be a barrier to you seeking counselling, so we can discuss alternatives, such as fortnightly sessions etc.

If you decide to go ahead you can contact me via phone or email to arrange an initial informal chat, (normally by phone) to get to know each other. If you then feel you would like to continue, we will arrange our first meeting, which will be in the Counselling Cabin in Greolieres. I will then send you the Contract and the Client Information Form to look at and fill in. 

During our first session we will go over the Contract to check it is understood and that we both agree to it. You can then talk about what brought you to counselling, your initial fears or anything that is bothering you. At the end of the first session, we can arrange your next appointment if you feel you would like to continue. 


If you would like to be based indoors, in beautiful, calm surroundings, then the Counselling Cabin is perfect. Perhaps the weather is bad, or the appeal of a more sheltered space is required, then basing ourselves indoors is ideal. The cabin is warm in winter and cool in summer, completely private, comfortable and calming.


The Cabin also has a small deck which is a pleasant place to sit. Overlooked by a majestic maple tree, and with a view across the valley to the mountains, it provides another tranquil area to sit and talk. Again this area is private and cannot be overseen.



Outside of the cabin in the garden is another area to sit and talk. There are various places to sit or we can use the camping chairs to base ourselves wherever we want. There is a fire pit where we can light a fire in the winter.

All of the above are accessible by wheelchair from your car.


Immediately behind the Cabin there is a small forest where we can sit amongst the oak trees to talk and watch the wildlife. Being fully enclosed in nature can add a different perspective to the session. Just up the road, there is also a lovely field to sit in.


Near to the Counselling Cabin there are various walks we can go on. Some people prefer to walk whilst they are discussing issues that are happening for them. Walking 'shoulder to shoulder' can feel a bit less formal than sitting with someone. All the walks are of an easy nature and are normally very quiet.

We can also discuss walks nearer to where you live, or that you know of, to have our sessions. Some basic clothing changes may be needed for walk and talk sessions, such as strong footwear and perhaps a jacket in the winter months.

We can vary where we conduct our sessions depending on the weather or how you are feeling. Walk and talk may need a bit more discussion in advance.


Nowadays, online or phone sessions can prove to be a valuable tool for counselling. I am happy to conduct our sessions via an online video platform or phone, if for some reason you are not able to attend face to face; perhaps due to illness or travelling for example.